Active Wellington Receives Letter of Appreciation from Minoh City Mayor

Active Wellingtonは、大阪箕面市と姉妹都市ウェリントン ロアーハット市との国際交流、留学事業貢献が称えられ箕面市市長より感謝状を頂きました。

日本からロアーハット及びウェリントン周辺の留学生獲得の為、Hutt Councilと共に教育事業を推進しています。

During our trip with the Hutt City Mayoral Delegation to Minoh City, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Lower Hutt and Minoh City, Active Wellington received a letter of appreciation from the mayor of Minoh City.

This letter acknowledges Active Wellington's efforts and dedication to helping develop and promote international exchanges between both cities, especially in the area of education.

We, at Active Wellington, are very honoured and proud of this distinction and would like to thank the people of Minoh City for their warm welcome and care during our trip with the mayoral delegation. We look forward to working hand in hand with both the Hutt City Council, local education providers and the Minoh City Council as the two sister cities further develop their relationship and more international students come from Minoh to the Hutt area.

#ActiveWellington #HuttCityMayoralDelegationTrip #KansaiUniversity #Japan #StudyinNewZealand

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