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関西大学からActive Wellingtonのインターンシップに参加したNatsumiさん。

インターンシップの体験などを競うコンテストで見事、学長賞と賞金を獲得しました。NatsumiさんはNZでのインターンシップの後、大阪箕面市と姉妹都市のWellington Lower Hutt市訪問団の通訳として市民交流イベント、留学プレゼンテーション等で両市の交流事業発展の為に貢献しています。

You have seen her face on our Facebook page a few times, it is now time to introduce Natsumi Toya to you.

Natsumi is a student at Kansai University, who heard about Active Wellington through a workshop we did in Japan this year. Quite interested in our programmes she decided to come for 2 weeks during her summer holiday break to do an Internship in New Zealand.

Natsumi worked as a teacher's aid in a local primary school for 2 weeks and had a great time helping teachers in class and learnt a lot in terms of the differences between the Japanese and the New Zealand education systems.

Before doing her internship, Natsumi was hesitating about a carreer, she was interested both in education and in interpreting, which is why she decided to do an internship and get a taste of what the reality of a teacher's daily life is.

She went back to Japan in August, filled with ideas and hopes for her future however, this was not the last opportunity that she would have to get a taste of what one of her dream job looks like. While in New Zealand, she had the opportunity to be introduced to some members of the Hutt City Council and was invited to be a volunteer interpreter for some of the members of the Hutt City Mayoral Delegation trip to Minoh city.

On top of that, she helped Active Wellington with various workshops that were run in Kansai during the trip, sharing her insight into New Zealand and answering the question of prospecting interns and students.

Last but not least, Natsumi had entered a competition at her university, Kansai University about internship experiences and she won the President Award, which included a money prize.

Active Wellington would like to extend its warmes congratulations to Natsumi and thank her for her help in promoting and developing the relationship between the two sister cities of Minoh City and Lower Hutt.

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