New Zealand Students' Interviews for the Hutt City Mayoral Delegation's trip to Japan - 2

The Mayoral Delegation's trip to Japan is getting closer and Active Wellington has been taking its role of member of the delegation quite serioulsy and we have been driving around the Hutt City area to interview New Zealand students to bring a message from them to the people who will attend the various workshops hosted by the Hutt City Council and Active Wellington during the Mayoral Delegation's trip to Japan.

Today we would like to introduce Ms. Chitose Izuno and her students from Heretaunga College who kindly agreed to be interviewed. Ms. Izuno is a Japanese teacher and her students had a lot of fun speaking in Japanese and talking about what,their life is like New Zealand. Students shared very interesting views and experiences with us and there was a lot of laughing going on, as these behind the scenes pictures can attest.

We would like to thank Ms. Izuno and her class for their joyful participation in this project and look forward to sharing the product of this interview with our audience in Japan !

#HuttMayoralDelegationTrip #HeretaungaCollege #ActiveWellington #StudentsInterview #Wellington #NewZealand

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