New Zealand Students' Interviews for the Hutt City Mayoral Delegation's trip to Japan - 1

Active Wellington's director is about to go to Japan next week as part of the Hutt City Mayoral delegation and will be working with representatives of the city council as the main facilitator and agent to help further develop relationships between the two sister cities, especially in the areas of education and cultural exchanges.For that purpose

We have been working very hard over the past fortnight, driving around local schools to meet students, interview them and carry messages from them to Japan.

Yesterday we went to visit Hutt International Boys' School, to interview some of Dean Sensei's students and bring a message from them to the people of Japan who will be attending the worshops organised and run by the Hutt City Council and Active Wellington.

There we had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Shizuka Y., an international student from Japan, who was finishing an internship as a Teacher's Aid and who ran the interview, both in Japanese and English, with some of her students.

Although Shizuka took her role of interviewer quite seriously and looked like she had been doing that for year, everyone had a lot of fun doing the interviews as these behind the scenes pictures show.

When asked how she felt about it being her last day, Ms. Y said: "I wish it could have lasted longer".

Active Wellington would like to thank Dean Sensei, his students as well as Ms. Shizuka Y. for their participation in this project.

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